Grey Ghost Streamer Fly

Hook: Partridge CS17-9X #2 Heritage Streamer Hook
Tag:  Flat silver tinsel
Body: Orange flossRib:  Flat silver tinsel
Belly: 4-6 strands of peacock herl followed by a small bunch of white bucktail
Throat: Golden pheasant crest
Underwing: A long golden pheasant crest extending past the hook bend
Wing: 4 olive-grey hackles
Shoulder: Silver pheasant
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black (with red band optional)

Grey Ghost Streamer Fly

Possibly the most popular Rangeley style streamer fly.  First tied by Carrie Stevens in 1924 to imitate a smelt.  It’s been documented that she tied with the material available and that included the different shades of wing feathers which she dyed herself.  This one is using a medium dun-olive Ewing Steamer feather which gives it a smelt like color in the water.   

This pattern was the basis for dozens of Ghost patterns that were developed after this.  Each one altering the wing or body color and providing anglers with a chance to catch a large trout or landlocked salmon.

Scott A. Biron

Scott A Biron

Scott is a member of the Regal Vice Pro Team, Partridge Pro Endorsed Team, Solarez Pro Team, Ewing Feather Birds Pro Team a Fulling Mill Ambassador and enjoys relationships with Orvis, Loon Outdoors and Hareline.

New London, New Hampshire USA