Olive Apps Bloodworm

Hook – PWW #10

Legs: Medium Olive Spanflex

Beads: Olive Glass Seed Beads

Tag: Fluorescent Red Danvilles Flymaster

As the small Trout waters start to cool down after the summer this pattern really comes into its own.

This worm pattern can be fished at any depth on more-or-less any fly line once you work out where in the water column to present it, they will take it cast after cast.

The Partridge PWW is the hook of choice when I tie this pattern as it has a short shank and wide gape, giving you great strength and great hooking properties when landing large trout.

Olive Apps Bloodworm
Scott A. Biron

Matthew Pate

Matthew has been fishing in the small waters and rivers of Wales since the age of eleven. He has also tied flies from the very beginning too. Being a self-taught fly tyer and a quick learner, tying flies became a massive part of his hobby and it quickly turned into an addiction, just as important as the fishing itself.