Making high-performance hooks for serious anglers has long been the cornerstone of the Partridge brand. Driven by an ‘Anglers First’ approach integrating trends and feedback from the field with proprietary technology without compromise.

Hook Geometry – How to choose a fly hook?

The design of a fly hook incorporates top-quality high-carbon steel, forging for added strength, sharp needle point for easy hook setting, micro-barb (if chosen), and a closed eye. The style of fly will determine your preference of bend, wire weight, and shank length – dry, wet, nymph, or streamer.



Pike, Predator

& Lure

Salmon & Steelhead



Coarse & Carp


Looking to buy heritage hooks?

If you are looking for a historic pattern to tie your favourite fly why not visit Sprite Fishing?

They have a selection of discontinued hooks to purchase.


The Professor, A Fly Fishing Bicentennial

The Professor, A Fly Fishing Bicentennial

By Partridge Ambassador Fred KleinBeginnings in ScotlandTwo centuaries ago in Scotland, angler "John Wilson ran short of flies and to create something of a fly like appearance, he fastened the petals of buttercups on his hook, adding bits of leaves or grass to...

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The Guide’s Special Streamer Tutorial

The Guide’s Special Streamer Tutorial

Words and images by Partridge ambassador Scott Biron PRO-Team member Scott Biron provides us with a tutorial for tying the Guide's Special Streamer. The Guide's Special Streamer, tied by Scott Biron.This fly is one of those simple patterns that has an interesting...

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