The Grizzly Jay Wet Fly tied on a Partridge PHCS6-3/0

Words and images from Partridge Ambassador Fred Klein

Partridge of Redditch Ambassador Fred Klein provides the recipe to a fantastic adaptation of a classic fly. The Grizzly Jay Wet Fly.

Stream patterns, left to right: Mickey Finn, Black Nose Dace, Black Ghost, Grey Ghost.

The Grizzly Jay Wet Fly, tied by Partridge Ambassador Fred Klein.

The Grizzly Jay Wet Fly

Anglers that browse through classic fly fishing literature will quickly notice the ever present attractor wet fly. These flies were quite popular for centuries with elaborate stories of successful days on the rivers, lakes and streams catching trout.

The popluar flies such as the Silver Doctor, Alexandra, Professor, and Royal Coachman were a few flies of choice consistently bringing trou to the anglers net.

Two flies often spoken of as “popular taking” trout flies were the Grizzly King with its scarlet tail, green tinseled body and grizzly hackle as well as the ever present Blue Jay winged flies. Many Stories in the volumes of classic literature speak of the effectiveness of both of these flies.

I put together a fly combining the Grizzly King with its timeless attractor qualities with Blue Jay wings of blue and black stripes over dun gray.

The Grizzly King in its many versatile forms and the Jay winged flies have proven to be excellent for brown trout,  brook trout as well as salmon in New England. I plan to fish this fly this coming fall for wild trout in Pennsylvania as well as the Rangeley region of Maine.

For brown trout choose a long feather with more gray dun qualities in the wing with a sparse red tail. Brook trout and salmon will take the full dressed version with heavy grizzly hackle and full blue wing. A Sproat Bend or Streamer hook in size 6 would be my choice for trout.

Recipe (freestyle dressing)

Hook:Partridge of Redditch Andlington & Hutchinson Blind eye
Tag:Silver Tinsel
Body:Forest Green Silk
Ribbing:Gold Tinsel
Hackle:Grizzly Rooster Collar Style
Wing:Eurasian Blue Jay Wing Primaries
Eye:Vintage Twisted Silk Guts
Vise:HMH Vises, Standard


Fred Klein

Partridge of Redditch Ambassador

Fred is a fly-fishing historian, author and speaker. Professional fly tyer and fisher of early traditional flies and tackle.

"My journey in the pursuit of trout with the fly began over 40 years ago with a new fly rod and instructions to cast and drift a fly. What a gift it was. The woods and waters of Pennsylvania, the Appalachian Mountains and beyond have brought a life of admiration for the wildernessm forestsm wildlife and a thirst for what lies beyond the next bend in the stream and over the mountain".

Every day I find myself involved in fly fishing, trapping and hunting.
My endeavor is to pass on the techniques of traditional fly angling and dressings to the generations to come.
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