Viggo Larsson

For the last 20 years Viggo has been fly fishing. Viggo loves the fact that in fly tying and fly fishing you are always learning something new. Viggo travels to lots of fly fairs in Norway, Sweeden, Ireland and here in England. He loves to meet others that share the same passion as him in fly tying.

Viggo Larsson lives in Mo i Rana a town on Helgeland, Northern Norway. He has three children aged 21, 6 and 5. and he has a wonderfully understanding cohabitant Sølvi, who lets him keep up with his passion for fly tying and fly fishing. Viggo has been fishing since he was a child and he has been tying flies since he was 14 years old.

For the last 20 years Viggo has been Fly Fishing. What he enjoys most about fly fishing and fly tying is that you learn something new all the time. You are never taught. Viggo travels to fly tying fairs in Norway, Sweden, Ireland and England. To share experiences, to meet others with the same passion.

Allan Liddle Partridge Pro Team