Allan Liddle

In Allan’s words – ‘I’m of an age when most boys went fishing in the summer holidays from school and I simply stuck with it.’

Initially Allan started with bait but soon progressed to fly fishing around the age of 12.  After moving north to Moray from Edinburgh area at the age of 20 Allan bought his first tying kit a Veniard Deluxe Kit. Since that Christmas he hasn’t looked back.

Allan fishes regularly on rivers, dry, nymph, wet and streamer for trout (occasionally grayling), occasionally salmon / sea trout. 

When fishing salt water: sea trout in estuaries and open sea. 

Being surrounded by wild lochs: wild trout on all methods from dry through wet fly and sunk line tactics for wild brown trout, salmon and sea trout on boat, bank and float tube. 

Allan also fly fishes for pike on occasion.  Stillwaters for stocked fish is another style of fly fishing he does regularly covering all methods from boat and bank.

Allan is a great assest to the team and his knowlege is vast. A regular on our blog. We always look forward to his demos!

Allan Liddle Partridge Pro Team
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I am proud to be a member of the Pro-Team and have been since 2012.  For me Partridge is THE brand for hooks and am honoured to be associated with such a prestigious name in our industry. 

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