Dun Wanderer – Mike Martinek Pattern

Partridge CS17-7X #2 Heritage Streamer Hook

Tag:  Silver flat tinsel 3 turns will do
Body: Red floss
Rib: Silver flat tinsel (medium)
Belly:  Chartreuse bucktail with white bucktail under it and a golden pheasant crest under the white bucktail.
Throat: Red hen fibers
Underwing: 6 peacock herls under a golden pheasant crest
Wings:  2 Gray Ewing hackles and 2 Violet on the outside
Shoulder: Lemon Wood-duck flank feathers 
Cheeks: Jungle cock nail
Topping: Yellow hen fibers Head: Black

Dun Wanderer Mike Martinek Pattern
Scott A. Biron

Scott A Biron

Scott is a member of the Regal Vice Pro Team, Partridge Pro Endorsed Team, Solarez Pro Team, Ewing Feather Birds Pro Team a Fulling Mill Ambassador and enjoys relationships with Orvis, Loon Outdoors and Hareline.

New London, New Hampshire USA