Mollidgewock Brook

Partridge CS17-9X #4 Heritage Streamer Hook can be tied in smaller sizes also

Tag: Copper flat tinsel

Butt: Three turns of ostrich herl
Body: Copper flat tinsel
Rib: Copper oval tinsel (leading edge) Black ultra-wire small (trailing edge)
Belly: Sparse white bucktail beyond the bend of the hook, orange dyed GPC almost to the hook point
Wing: Sparse black bucktail, over which are 4 burnt orange Ewing streamer feathers
Throat: Black hen followed by white hen Shoulder: Lemon wood duck
Eye: Jungle cock nailTopping: 2 Peacock herls curving over the wing
Head: Black
Mollidgewock Brook

Mollidgewock Brook created and tied by Scott Biron

This streamer pattern is on a Partridge Heritage Streamer Hook using some specially dyed Ewing burnt orange streamer feathers. Named after a feeder brook to the Androscoggin River in the 13 Mile Woods area of Errol, NH. The Androscoggin River is a historic river that holds Brook, Rainbow, Brown Trout and Landlock Salmon. If one is lucky they can get one of each in one day resulting in an “Andro Home Run”.

Scott A. Biron

Scott A Biron

Scott is a member of the Regal Vice Pro Team, Partridge Pro Endorsed Team, Solarez Pro Team, Ewing Feather Birds Pro Team a Fulling Mill Ambassador and enjoys relationships with Orvis, Loon Outdoors and Hareline.

New London, New Hampshire USA