Sanborn Streamer

Hook: Partridge Heritage Streamer Hook sizes 2-8 7x and 9 x

Thread: Black Tag flat gold tinsel

Body: Black floss

Rib: flat gold tinsel

Wing: 4 Ewingfeatherbirds yellow saddle hackles

Throat: Yellow hackle barbs beard style

Cheeks: jungle cock or painted eye white with black pupil

Sandborne Streamer

This is a pattern designed by Fred Sanborn of Norway Maine. Can be tied both ways as shown in these photos. Many anglers are committed to using this pattern in the fall to catch big fish. I have friends that say when this fly is on in the fall look out as it can produce a brook trout on every cast.


Scott A. Biron

Scott A Biron

Scott Biron cut his teeth learning to tie flies and fly fish back in the1960s in the North County of New Hampshire. He has fished many of the streams north of Route 26 in NH and his favorite the Androscoggin River. Scott is an active fly tying instructor for NH Fish & Game and is popular tying and instructing in national, international and regional shows. He was awarded a 2017 NH Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Grant and studied fly tying including Traditional New England Streamer patterns and progressed to Classic Salmon Flies. Since then he has become a Master Artist in the Traditional Arts Program. He had an apprentice working under him during 2021.  Scott has a strong interest in historical NH fly tyers and their lost patterns and has published, researched, instructed as well as demonstrated many of these lost NH fly patterns. He enjoys instructing individuals of all ages in the art of fly tying and is known for including the history of these tyers and their flies in his instruction. Scott is considered an expert on large group instruction and offers dozens of classes year round. Each year he is an volunteer instructor at NH Fish & Game's Camp Barry's Fish Camp where he instructs over 50 campers in fly tying and fly fishing. Scott is a member of the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild, an Ambassador for the American Museum of Fly Fishing.  He is a regular contributor to the Fly Dressers Guild Journal and the NH Wildlife Journal.  Scott is on the Partridge of Redditch, Sprite Hooks, Cortland, Riversmith and Ewing Feather Birds Pro Teams.  He is on the Ambassador Pro Team for HMH Vises. Ewing has come out with a signature series line of feathers under Scott’s name. 

New London, New Hampshire USA

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