The Carson from Chris Reeves

Photos and text from Chris Reeves

An Irish Mayfly pattern.

Step by step instructions

The Carson is a pattern designed for fishing on the loughs of Ireland. The usual method of fishing is “Short lining” from a drifting boat and this requires a heavily dressed fly that will stick in the surface film when dibbled in a wind.

There are many variations on a common theme and this fly is a particularly attractive one.

Fish this fly as part of a team of three usually on the top dropper.

Dressing for the Carson:-

Hook:-                                  Partridge G3AY Sproat Wet

Thread:-                               UTC 70 in Fluorescent Green

Tail:-                                      Orange cock hackle fibres under bronze mallard

Rib:-                                       Fine gold oval tinsel or gold wire

Body:-                                   Golden Olive seal’s fur

Body Hackle:-                     Golden olive cock saddle feather

Shoulder hackle:-             Orange hen

Wing:-                                   Bronze Mallard fibres

Front Hackle;-                    Grey mallard flank dyed pale golden olive

the Carson
Carson 1

    Lay down a bed of thread along the hook shank

      Carson 2

      Tie in a bunch of cock hackles about as long as the hook shank. Utilise any natural curve to keep the tips above the line of the shank

      Carson 3

      Tie in a bunch of bronze mallard fibres on top of the orange fibres ( of equal length).Tie in a length of wire or oval tinsel for the rib and cover the waste ends to form an even underbody

      Carson 4

      Dub a tight body of seal’s fur

      Carson 5

        Tie in a hackle; wind back in touching turns then bring the rib forwards to secure it. Tie down and remove waste tinsel and feather.

          Carson 6

            Tie in a wind two turns of orange hen at the shoulder.

              Carson 7

                Tie in a small bunch of bronze mallard on top of the hook shank.

                  Carson 8

                    Tie in an wrap a dyed mallard flank feather. Whip finish and varnish head.

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