Witch Doctor

Hook: Partridge Heritage Streamer Hook size 2-4 9x or tied as a tandem
Body: flat silver tinsel
Belly: sparse white bucktail
Underwing: 2 golden pheasant crests or yellow goat hair
Wing: 4 aqua blue hackles
Shoulders: yellow macaw or yellow goose
Throat: yellow hackle fibers
Cheeks: jungle cock
Head:  black
Witch Doctor fly tying pattern

Witch Doctor streamer. Fly is attributed to Bill Finnerty who I don’t know much about. The fly was used on both lake Winnisquam and Winnipesaukee. There are stories about the Winnisquam anglers always wanting blue in their fly patterns similar to Jim Warner’s Winnisquam Smelt. This is trolled deep in the summer and fall and can be used on top in the spring as well.

Scott A. Biron

Scott A Biron

Scott is a member of the Regal Vice Pro Team, Partridge Pro Endorsed Team, Solarez Pro Team, Ewing Feather Birds Pro Team a Fulling Mill Ambassador and enjoys relationships with Orvis, Loon Outdoors and Hareline.

New London, New Hampshire USA