Top 5 Collared Flies to Add to Your Fly Kit

Jamie Pike discusses a collection of his favourite Collared Flies and provides recipes to add them to your fly kit.

There are many styles of artificial fly that have kissed the water in an effort to entice the King of the Fishes to lash out and strike. Spey, Wuff, Steamer, Feather wing, Hair wing… the list goes on. Regional nuances further add to the ever-growing arsenal of flies that the complete angler will carry in their arsenal. As a Fly tyer and angler myself, I am constantly adding to my personal kit of flies, tweaking patterns with varieties of flash and flare; however one particular style of fly remains ever constant in my wetfly repertoire.

The Cosseboom style fly has greatly evolved over the years. John C. Cosseboom; a poet, newspaper writer, insurance agent, and master fly caster from Woonsocket, Rhode Island created this style of fly on a whim while on a twenty-four hour ferry crossing from Quebec to Anticosti Scotia Island in 1935. The style proved to be immensley productive for Atlantic Salmon in Nova Scotia on numerous rivers, and has spread in popularity across other Maritime provinces and to my home in Newfoundland.

Since taking a serious leap into the commercial tying life, I have tied tens of thousands of flies for customers spanning the globe. Often times, the customer has a specific list of patterns, each with a unique recipe. Some customers have their own personal requests for flash and flare, colour combinations, body size and shape; however; when given nothing but a budget and the request of “flies that work”, my customer is guaranteed to receive some collared flies.

Bellow are some of my favourite collared flies to fish and tie:

The Cosseboom Collared Fly. Tied by Partridge Ambassador Jamie Pikee on a Partridge BMS Big Mouth.

The Green Cosseboom

A minature version of Winstons Green Cosseboom. Believe it or not, this fly tied VERY small has proven to be one of the best producing flies on one of the largest rivers in Newfoundland. The Humber river houses Salmon in great quantity, and for the lcky angler, oftentimes in immense size, Fish in exess of 30lbs are hooked in lower sections of the river, and in the upper Humber, you can sit and watch hundered of fish per hour leap the falls when the “main run” is on . The fly has proven success in high water, low water, warm water, cold water, early morning, afternoon and evening.


Hook:Partridge BMS Wide Mouth (#10)
Tag:Silver Mylar
Butt:Red Unistretch
Tail:Golden Pheasant Crest
Body:Green Unistretch
Rib:Oval Silver French
Wing:Natural Grey Squirrel
Collar:2 wraps of Hen Saddle Dyed Yellow
The Collared Undertaker Collared Flies. Tied by ambassador Jamie Pike on a Partridge M2 Heavy Single.

The Collared Undertaker

The Collared Undertaker. A mild twist on a Warren Duncan classic that has evolved in Newfoundland to reflect the availability of local materials. A “Newfoundland Style” wetfly will often acail of wing material of Moose body, Calf tail and Goat. Shown here using black Calf tail for the wing, and three wraps of dyed black Hen saddle for the collar.


Hook:Partridge M2
Tag:Gold Mylar
Butt:Green and Red Unistretch
Rib:Gold Oval French
Wing:Black Calf Tail
Collar:3 wraps of Hen Saddle Dyed Black


The Irritator tied by brand ambassador Jamie Pike onto a Partridge M2 Heavy Single.

The Irritator

This Pattern was handed to me by an angler fishing on Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula. He called it a “Snowball”, however it is not the pattern most are familiar with. It is more resembling The Irritator. A pattern popular in Quebec. On this trip I fished this pattern almost exclusively and with great success. Since then, it’s held a special place in my collared fly kit.


Hook:Partridge M2 Heavy
Tag:Silver Mylar
Body:Black Floss
Rib:Oval Silver French
Wing:Moose Body
Collar:3 Turns of White Hen Saddle
The Corrigan tied by brand ambassador Jamie Pike onto a Sprite S1200 Barbless Buzzer

The Corrigan (var.)

The Corrigan is a pattern I first saw a number of years back in a Paul Marriner book. It immediately caught my eye with it’s streamer style, and orange collar. I tyed a slight variation of the original (created by Bill Baker). I added a gold butt, hares mask dubbing body, and an orange head. I prefer this pattern in larger sizes for late-season fishing.


Hook:Sprite S1200 Deep Water Nymph
Tag:Gold Mylar
Butt:Globrite Shade 6
Body:Hare’s Mark Dubbing
Rib:Oval Gold French
Wing:White Calf Tail
Collar:Hen Saddle Dyed Orange
Head:Globrite Shade 6
The Besure, tied by ambassador Jamie pike onto a Partridge CS11 Sea Streamer

The Besure

The Besure. A pattern Created by renowned guild angler, and fly tyer Rober Chaisson. A patter that has been a staple in Atlantic Salmon rivers throught the season.


Hook:Partridge CS11 Saltwater Streamer
Tag:Silver Mylar
Butt:Hot Pink Unistretch
Body:Green Highlander Uniyarn
Rib:Oval Silver French
Wing:Natural Grey Squirrel
Head:Globrite Shade 3
Head:2 turns of Hen Saddle Dyed Highlander Green

All of these collared flies have proven successful in a wide range of conditions, an on many rivers. Often times I will select a collared variety of a pattern over the more popular style with a typical throat. I for one do not feel I am out-fished by those angers that fish the standard variety. In fact, I have convinced many stubborn fish to savagely snap at a collared version of a pattern, while the standard hasn’t so much as had the same fish move at all.

Take a look through your own fly kit. Pick your top producers and try a collared version for yourself! You just might find that they are your new go-to.


Jamie Pike

Partridge of Redditch Ambassador

Whether chasing sea-run brown and brook trout, or Atlantic Salmon in one of the many rivers in Newfoundland and Labrador; Jamie Pike has a fly in his kit that’ll be sure to tighten the line.

Jamie has been tying flies since 2007 while stationed in a small Newfoundland community as a Paramedic – 14 years later, his competence is proven to be among the elite fly tyers in Newfoundland. Specializing in Salmon flies (Classic singles, Shrimps, Bombers and Bugs) and a variety of Sea Trout and inland Trout patterns.

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